Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wonderfest Retrospective Part 5: 2008 Revol Shockwave

Like I mentioned in previous posts, Shockwave and Soundwave got some Revoltech-like love at Wonderfest 2008 and here it is. Shockwave (who I always felt got it right the first time with his G1 toy..... and honestly really didn't need much more outside of that) now has a "Revol" series release. 8000 Yen!
Molded in white with a bunch of polycaps and joints included, Shockwave really should have been molded in purple but....... alas, a garage kit is a garage kit.

Unless your a Shockwave fan, it's an easy pass.

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Dennis Gonzales said...


Do you know anyone selling Shockwave and Soundwave Wonderfest Revoltech Type model kits? I will pay good $$ for these using Paypal.com...let me know gonzalesdennis@yahoo.com or text me 7085272213