Monday, August 30, 2010

Wonderfest Retrospective Part 4: 2008 Sharkticon Gnaw

Sorry for the late post, the week started a little crazy. Anyhow today we talk quickly about Wonderfest 2008's "Revol Sharktron" (Or as we know him better, Sharkticon / Gnaw). Again part of the same series of the previous Revoltech like figures, this one only has it's shark mode.
Molded in solid white, with sticker transfers for just the eyes, Sharktron has articulation at only the arms and tail. Interesting fact is this kit was very popular and in demand with the Japanese con goers because the original G1 Sharkticon Gnaw as we know him back home was extremely limited in Japan. Originally you could only get him as a mail away via 1987 Beast Formers (The Battle Beasts in Japan) and later again only as a mail away via 1988's Masterforce.

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