Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wonderfest Retrospective Part 2: 2009 "Revol" Ultra Magnus

Next up is one that I missed when Wonderfest 2009 came and went, a small kitting group was making their own spin on the Revoltech concept with their line of Revoltech-like Transformers called "Revol Transformers" (Shock!). In 2009 they debuted and sold their figures of Soundwave, Laserwave (Shockwave) and Ultra Magnus. The one I missed was Ultra Magnus so he will get the focus today. Ultra Magnus unlike Soundwave and Laserwave, cost only 8000 yen at the show instead of the asking price of 9000 yen for the other 2, which led to the english speaking Transformers fandom to speculate why the price drop. One common rumor was that since these were your typical garage kit that you have to assemble and paint, they figured it was an upgrade armor for your Official Revoltech Ultra Magnus. I guess everyone was still on the City Commander high at that point.
Anyhow, the truth of it all was not too far off. It was only 1000 yen cheaper because the person was expected to use parts and polycaps from the Official Revoltech Ultra Magnus to complete this one (Unlike Shockwave/Soundwave that were complete kits). This is not a rare thing at Wonderfest as some kits are sold "As is" but the buyer is expected to buy extra joints or polycaps to complete the figure that it normally not included. All and all, an interesting figure, Ultra Magnus much like Cliffjumper is one of those characters that has the problem of ending up a repaint 9 times out of the 10 toys instead of being his own unique mold (The term "Repaint Brothers"), so it's nice to see him get something that ain't just WHITE CONVOY. Putting the Ultra in the Magnus. - Protoman -

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