Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Wonderfest Retrospective Part 6: 2008 Revol Soundwave

The final garage kit of the Revol mini line from Wonderfest 2008 exists in the form of Revol Soundwave. 8000 YEN gets you the Cassette Man!

What do I love? It's molded in purple, so not only can you make Soundwave, not only can you make Soundblaster, but you can make Marvel G1 1984 Comic book Soundwave!............. yeah....... anyhow, it came with clear plastic doors for the chest and tampos for his chest.

So my hats off to the guys at Wonderfest who brought us this Revol line........ now if only they didn't cost the price of 6 official Revoltechs.

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Dennis Gonzales said...


I want to buy a Wonderfest Soundwave. Do you know anyone selling it? I will pay good $$ for it. Please email me
or text me 708-527-2213. Thanks.