Sunday, May 08, 2011

Free Comic Book Day 2011 Roundup / Haul with Protoman

Now that Free Comic Book Day is behind us, let's kick back, crack open the free books and enjoy what we can gotten from the good men and women of the "funny pages world". And it didn't cost us a DIME! (Well.... I bought some stuff so.... a couple of bucks)

Big thanks to Carsley Comics, Captaine Quebec, 1,000,000 Comix and Cosmix Comics.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Astrotrain Handkerchief from France

An oddity I found during my late night hunting of robots on the net. It's a handkerchief of Astrotrain circa 1985 from France. What's so special about a hankie with the design of the best Decepticon triplechanger? Dude look at it.

Only in Europe do you find colors like this. I swear it could have been like a long lost G2 UK reissue from the early 90s. But I kid, it's just straight up a bad coloring of G1 Astrotrain's boxart along with the toy's shuttle alt mode (The original boxart had the train alt mode shown)

Well Hasbro, it looks like the search for your next repaint of the Astrotrain Classics/Henkei mold has come to an end. Hop on the DISCO TRAIN!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

No major blog today, so instead........

Super busy today but at the same time a bunch of great stuff came in the mail, so I will show you one of the smaller items for now.

A replica of the Wonderfest Ultra Magnus armor for the WST Ultra Magnus chase figure...... but done in glow in the dark plastic. Here is a little video I did (Turn up your screen brightness a bit for the effect)

Anyhow hopefully more tommorow!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A look back at Joe Eibe, Botcon Legend

Ah Joe Eibe....... not many of you Transfans know of the name, but you know of the face, the image and the legend. Born in 1966 in California, Joe was your typical cosplayer, he embodied the "Comic Book Guy" while having the personality of Filburt from Rocko's Modern Life.

The man LIVED for cosplay, claiming he started doing it when he was 2 years old. And look how awesome he does it...... LOOK AT IT!!!

Now you ask what really does this have to do with Botcon? Well in 1998 Botcon came into his neck of the woods. Normally Joe only trolled the local anime/sci fi conventions that the good state of California had to offer but finally Botcon came to town. So he put together a Metalhawk costume (from Transformers Masterforce for those not in the know) and hit the TF con scene. Needless to say he left an impression that people would speak about for YEARS to come. One impact was Fumihiko Akiyama (of Transformers Generations guide book fame), when he went on to do a guide about Botcon, he had to show pictures of Joe Eibe's Metalhawk.
You have to keep in mind that prior to 2007 Bay Movies and the female fandom EXPLODING (namely due to fad hoppers), cosplay at Botcon was rather limited, but he brought the bacon.... and no doubt ate it all too.

Joe still cosplays to this day, he has not been back to Botcon since that legendary 1998 year but he did continue to make other Transformers costumes. His first was Optimus Prime (with opening chest to reveal a Matrix), Metalhawk (as we just mentioned), Saber (the smaller jet robot of Star Saber from Transformers Victory), Wreck Gar (He said it could transform if he could just bend forward......... I laughed a bit) and had plans for an Ultra Magnus that never happened.
He said all the costumes today are in pretty bad shape today due to him sweating a lot and it getting into the cardboard and destroying them. You know I can't make any of this shit up, so please dont laugh. In his spare time he likes to write cross fan fiction about the Transformers having adventures with Dr. Who or even the Star Trek crew. Sigh.......... I think we will leave this blog post at that. One up your fandom people!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Optimus Prime vs. Jesus

I ain't a religious person, but if I had to pick one.... it would be Cybertronian. Preach the word of Primus.

"And there came a hero who said hurt not the earth, nor the
sea, nor the trees, nor the very fabric of time. But the
hero would not prevail, nor would he surrender!" [13:14]

A little bit of Covenant of Primus for y'all. Anyhow what really matters, who would win. Optimus Prime vs. Jesus.

Click to expand. So Prime wins..... but we already knew that.