Friday, August 27, 2010

Wonderfest Retrospective Part 3: 2008 Wheelie Find Friend Today (Grimlock)

Jumping back to Wonderfest 2008, we have a garage kit by the same guys who did the "Revol" series of Transformers. What we have here is a mini bust of Wheelie and Grimlock, reinacting the scene from Transformers: The Movie when the Dinobots raided the Quintesson court room.As you can see, like most garage kits, painting and assembly with glue is needed. Grimlock's bust is molded in solid grey, while Wheelie is in orange. Some transfer tampo stickers were included for Grimlock's eyes. The set sold originally at Wonderfest 2008 for 6000 yen.

Nothing super special, but normally overlooked or unknown compared to the more popular Wonderfest kits. I am sure there is a Wheelie fan out there that is happy........ wait...... a Wheelie fan....? Guess I am the only one. - Protoman -

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Rigas said...

Grimlock Fans perhaps?