Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wonderfest Retrospective Part 1: 2009 Wheelie and Springer

So we crack open the expensive insanity from Wonderfest, with GUNGS Borchitect's "Nanoscale" Transformers (2009 release). Title aside, the "nanoscale" really means WSTF aka World's Smallest Transformers scale. Both came packed in simple clear flexi-plastic boxes and were priced 6000 yen (Wheelie) and 9000 yen (Springer). Unique to most Wonderfest items, these were pre-assembled and "painted".
Wheelie sports a slightly different transformation from his original G1 1986 toy. Akin more to say G1 Tracks, his head flips out from the back while "hooded" (instead from behind a windsheild like original) and has a form of shoulders that leed to mild arm articulation. Atleast this time his face is spot on.

Springer is a marvel beyond marvels. Not only did they manage to engineer both modes into this small toy, not only did they give him better arms/shoulders unlike his G1 toy, they got his head right, the moehawk is standing proud. This was worth all 9000 yen (90 bucks)

Just a quick shot of how everything looks in scale with WSTF Wave 1 Convoy. While Wheelie is a little oversized (Can you blame them, you want a grain of rice to transform?), Springer fits in just nicely. Ah........ the wonders of Wonderfest. See you next post! After all.... you just might learn something. - Protoman -

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