Monday, September 06, 2010

Wonderfest Retrospective Part 9: 2004 Superlink Misha Doll

Oh... ho ho ho. Kit Factory took a poll at the end of 2003 if Japanese fans would be interested in a doll casted after Transformers Superlink Misha. Needless to say they were very positive about the idea. The doll is amazing and a riot on many different levels (Get a load of the bootylicious boxart) . It sold at Wonderfest 2004 for 15000 yen.
Misha came fully assembled and painted. Removable boots, a diecast belt with removable belt pack, the wrist bands are also diecast, it also came with 3 pegs that I don't know what to do with for the life of me and the uniform is also removable via a zipper on the back. The funny part? This mold is cast from the typical "squishy boobs" doll type, so if you need to give Misha a breast examination, you can!

This is not Kit Factory's first shot at the Misha character. In late 2003 for the Wonderfest Winter event, they sold a Microman / Microlady Misha, dubbed Misha Bust. While they were selling these is when they took the poll about a Misha doll. A lot of Misha love huh?

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