Monday, September 27, 2010

Astrotrain Handkerchief from France

An oddity I found during my late night hunting of robots on the net. It's a handkerchief of Astrotrain circa 1985 from France. What's so special about a hankie with the design of the best Decepticon triplechanger? Dude look at it.

Only in Europe do you find colors like this. I swear it could have been like a long lost G2 UK reissue from the early 90s. But I kid, it's just straight up a bad coloring of G1 Astrotrain's boxart along with the toy's shuttle alt mode (The original boxart had the train alt mode shown)

Well Hasbro, it looks like the search for your next repaint of the Astrotrain Classics/Henkei mold has come to an end. Hop on the DISCO TRAIN!

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King Laffo said...

The Soul Train :O