Friday, September 03, 2010

Wonderfest Retrospective Part 8: 2005 Superlink Misha Statue

Ah Superlink (known to the filthy Gaijin as Energon,..... I kid I kid....). The Transformers series that gave us tons of human female characters that even makes Transformers Kissplayers a little nervous. Leading the pack was Misha Miramond. She was super popular in Japan and spawned tons of Wonderfest related merchendise between 2005-2006. So today we start with the Wonderfest 2005 Misha Resin Kit Statue. Originally sold for 3000 Yen.
Like most resin kits, she is molded in solid white resin, has to be assembled and painted but sadly she is advertised with 2 variations you can go about it; her typical Cybertron City yellow space suit or her one shot motorcycle racing outfit (seen in "Special Traninig! Roadbuster! Episode 34 of Superlink). Why I say sadly? Cause you only can pick one and you have to stick with that. I weep a single tear.

Scaled at 1/15, this figure goes nicely with the Microman release of Kicker from the same year and is a super sexy piece of resin. I wish this was more mass produced and put out there for the whole fandom to enjoy. More Misha to come later. For now enjoy your weekend people! See ya Monday!

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