Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Transformers bootleg predicts the future.... or not

Sorry for the lack of blog yesterday, the days after Montreal Comic Con tend to be super busy. Now let's get back to business.
Once and awhile, China/Hong Kong puts out a bootleg of a mainline Transformers toy that might as well be a page out of Nostradamus. Then again...... they might just like neon wacky colors for their knock offs.Enter "The Changable Robot". Called Bumblebee on the back of tha packaging, this is just your typical example of taking molds of other characters and making them seem like another of creator popularity. For those not in the know, this is really a "BLOWN UP" Transformers Movie 2007 Legends Barricade, repainted orange and blue (which somehow makes it "Bumblebee"). Normally, we would chuckle and that would be the end of the story..... but here is the freaky part.

Flash forward to the beginning of December 2009 when Hasbro's official Transformers Collectors Club revealed their next "Free Club Figure". DION! But wait! Look at those colors...... could it be!? Nah....... maybe we are reading to much into this, maybe it's all just one big coincidence. Either way.... it's crazy.

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