Friday, September 10, 2010

Wonderfest Retrospective Part 13: 2004 Binal Tech Arming

Back when Alternators / Binaltech was in full swing, Takara mentioned an idea of a weapons/accessory set (guns, oil cans, road signs, ect). This never came to be but we did see some of the concept put into Kissplay (The Kissplayer items like the surf board or fishing pole) but that didn't stop the garage kit community in Japan from having a go at what was at the time "The best Transformers line ever".
Wonderfest 2004 would see the debut of the Binal Tech Arming sets by TFclub, a Hong Kong based group. TFclub decided to play up the 1 day license concept and how people would dig what was a spin on the axed idea by Takara. Not to mention they also were a cheaper way to get more rocket launchers for your other figures (Seeing how BT-07 Smokescreen GT was the only way to get it). They sold 2 different sets at the show, limited to 300 each for 1500 yen. The left overs ended up all over the internet (Ebay, Tformers Marketplace, TFclub forums, ect)

Both sets came with the same stuff just minor color changes. Each set came with 1 repro Smokescreen GT shoulder rocket launcher (with a chromed tip this time), one repro of Kicker's Energon Saber, and 3 Light Sabers. As you can see in the picture above one set had a grey rocket launcher and chrome silver Energon Saber, one had a black launcher with a chrome gold Saber.

These came out before a time when garage kits and 3rd party TF stuff were a dime a dozen and upgrade sets were made by everyone. One of the first to do it, and now extremely hard to come by cheap. Truly a piece of 3rd party history. Anyhow this weekend is the Montreal Comic-Con, TF related guests like Kirby Marrow (Hot Shot, Rad) and Larry Hama (GI Joe vs. Transformers) will be there. So enjoy the weekend and see ya Monday!

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