Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Wonderfest Retrospective Part 11: 2009 Cybertron Drift Model Kit

So today marks the debut of the Transformers Drift mini-series. The talented combo of Alex Milne (Art) and Josh Perez (Colors) along with the scribing of Shane McCarthy (Also the creator of Drift). I am very pleased with how this book turned out and I suggest EVERYONE go pick it up, let your voice be heard by the comic book sales I always say. Which leads us to why I bring up Drift at all (besides having an amazing mini-series).
Wonderfest 2009 was the debut of SG Collect's "DFT-01", better known to us as Drift. It was a model kit that also sported a transformation into Drift's Cybertronian mode (unlike the Generations Drift toy we would get a year later that turned into his Earth Nissian Silvia S15 car design). The toy originally was just for pre-order at Wonderfest for 7500 yen.

The toy came in 2 releases. The first was molded in a solid white with some black areas and had a run of 300 which sold out very quickly. A 2nd release (dubbed DFT-01X Assasin) was molded in black with selected red areas (see picture 2) with a limited run of 50/50 (50 at to by online, to sold at the Singapore Toy Carnival). He was to scale with most Classics and Universe 2.0 toys at the time and when it was concieved, Hasbro did not debut their Generations Drift yet (Botcon 2009 would be 1 month away).

The model kit turned out pretty good, SG Collect know their stuff, but sadly needed paint to get all the fine details. All and all an awesome figure considering we never got Drift with his Cybertronian alt mode (but who knows what the future will bring). All I can say is go pick up Drift #1 at your local comic shop NOW!

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